How to “Warm” Things Up on Your Next Date

This new Science of Relationships post about physical warmth is interesting; they summarize some research in which physical warmth (such as a warm drink) translated to feelings of interpersonal warmth towards another person. This is especially relevant considering how important we know interpersonal warmth to be. In a brief study we presented last year at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, we found that warmth is an important factor in dating: heterosexual men with a warm interpersonal style were more likely to be in a relationship, and reported greater satisfaction with their love-lives. Warmth is by no means the only factor determining dating success, but it is important.

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If you want to be perceived as warm and friendly on your next date, bring your date a hot cup of coffee or encourage him or her to order the soup. Researchers have found that physical warmth can influence our perceptions of another person’s psychological warmth.

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