Minimal Dating – is a website dedicated to providing resources and support for men and women who struggle with dating and interpersonal relationships. Much of the site is based on Dr. Brian Gilmartin’s work on “love-shyness.” It also includes a discussion forum with a range of topics related to love-shyness.

The Incel Project – A site for information about involuntary celibacy. Includes video interviews with researchers and individuals who are involuntarily celibate, as part of a forthcoming documentary.


Shake Your Shyness – A shyness website maintained by Dr. Renée Gilbert. The site offers support for shy individuals, as well as information and tips for parents and teachers dealing with shy children.

The Shyness Institute – An academic research institute associated with the Shyness Clinic, founded by Dr. Phil Zimbardo. Their webpage includes resources for shy people, and research into the causes of and treatment for shyness.

Sex and Relationships

Health Information from Planned Parenthood – A well-known provider of sexual healthcare services, Planned Parenthood’s website includes information on a wide variety of reproductive health topics. From birth control, to relationships, to body image, their information is empirically-supported and unbiased.

Kinsey Confidential – Founded by famed sex researcher Dr. Alfred Kinsey and affiliated with Indiana University, the Kinsey Institute remains at the forefront of research into human sexuality. Their website, Kinsey Confidential, is filled with information and resources geared to the general public.

OkTrends – OkCupid’s blog, complete with data visualizations and in-depth analyses of their site’s data. With over 3 million members, OkCupid has built a massive dataset for investigating peoples’ online dating behavior.

Savage Love – Writer and blogger Dan Savage writes a sex and relationship advice column for the Seattle, WA newspaper The Stranger. The website features an archive of his articles, his blog, as well as free streaming and downloadable versions of his weekly podcast.

The Gottman Institute – Drs. John and Julie Gottman founded The Gottman Institute to translate scientific developments in the area of relationships and marriage into practical applications. They offer information and counseling, as well as training for professionals. The Gottman Institute is considered to be at the forefront of empirically-based couples counseling.

Professional Resources

Social Signals – A wonderful resource for clinicians and educators working with individuals who struggle to read nonverbal communication in romantic and interpersonal relationships. Social Signals includes DVDs and curricula for teaching safe, healthy communication skills.

The Kinsey Institute – The main site of the world-famous Kinsey Institute. The site contains resources for researchers and clinicians, including an archive of their researchers’ publications and a listing of their library holdings. The Institute also offers graduate- and undergraduate-level courses in human sexuality, and funding for graduate research.


1-800-GET-LOST – Interpersonal Science hosts this blog, which is dedicated to sharing stories of embarrassing romantic rejections and disastrous dates. It is a great place to anonymously share your stories with others, and read about other people’s worst romantic calamities.